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The many youth may not be inevitable from the issues of social conflict. The youth required to persist in the face of poverty and social violence. The problem that arises is that limitations in obtaining fundamental rights as humans being. This makes sustanaible developmentĀ  in a social environment of youth need to be done.

However, many youth are part of the largest population of the world. Thus, the youth has great challenges and huge opportunities in providing solutions to the economic, educational, health, and a social environment problems.

The development of the social environment is not a concept without value and components that build it. The education that teaches the importance of peace and the environment of social groups are two components used in building social interaction, infrastructure, and to teach the conducting action without some element of violence.

Social interactions can be formed when learning and the formation of social groups could be combined in a harmonious environment. This will support infrastructure development could run with optimal since each individual can collaborate and contribute well in developing their own environment. Learning to build a peaceful and harmonious environment may be equipped with teach to acting without elements of violence.

This can be achieved by trying to do things at the right way, at the right time, and respect for others. These are the integrated primary education that must received by a child who is grown and developed as human beings. The development of social environment would require a point to make it happen. Access to education and information based on freedom, justice, and equality that can be packed well is the answer of necessity.

Concern for the social environment should be built early on. When a person is turned to become adults, social environment plays an important role in shapping their personality. The youth will not be apathetic if education that teaches to peace and have the courage to give opinions in public.

It requires the support of the leaders who are capable to moving the power of youth in building the balance and harmonious social conditions. A movement in an educational program should be developed from the smallest scope until will be influential globally.

Building a culture of peace requires a process that takes time and strategy. Education is one of the most basic strategy used to accelerate and amplifies the process of building a culure of peace in every country in the world. The educational process will build a healthy social foundation as well as ensure social growth. Both of these will result in a methods used in building peaceful social culture.

The healthy social foundation built with social communication between individuals or groups who are healthy as well. When there is a particular conflict, a cultured environment will reduced the impact without the elements of violence. A storng social foundation is also followed with the active participation of youth who jointly contribute ideas or power based on education in building peace.

Methods in building social culture cannot be applied if there are no spesific condotions that support it. Environmental sustanaibility is the main condition that includes gender equality and human security. A balanced environment built with respect to gender and ensures the formation of human security.

Youth who are aware of the importance of harmony between gender automatically will understand hor to build a safe social environment. Some of the methods used have values such as the value of non-violence, an interactive and participatory culture of any society.

Social problems is not a severe problem if youth are able to stick with the basic rights and obligations as part of the community. Youth can play a role in integrating the values in shaping the peaceful interaction and critical thinking to the social environment. Education is a main media that was supposed to have an openness towards the various communities.

The constructive community will help build a culture among the youth in the scope of local and international. The youth is main character who built the culture and able to provide solutions for sustainable development in the society.

Penulis : Putu Yunarta P. P.

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